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Staff & Crew

ben-at-deskBEN ACHTENBERG — Project Director, Producer

Ben is an Oscar-nominated producer and distributor of documentary films on social issues. His productions on such topics as healthcare for the homeless, medical ethics, end-of-life care and disabilities have received many honors, including an Academy Award nomination (for Code Gray), seven CINE Golden Eagles and a first-place award in “Issues and Ethics” from the National Health and Medical Film Competition. Ben is a founder and board member of the Carmenta Foundation for Health Education and is a board member of the Ignacio Martin-Baro Fund for Mental Heath and Human Rights. He was until recently the owner and President of Fanlight Productions, a widely-respected distributor of documentaries on healthcare, mental health, aging, disabilities, and related issues. View Achtenberg's brief resume and filmography.


Roz, Bruce, and Ben on location in Atlanta

ROZ DZELZITIS — Associate Producer

Roz has worked closely with torture survivors, displaced refugees and asylum seekers for nearly a decade as a journalist and producer of documentary films on human rights issues in the U.S. and Central America. She is the Executive Director of May I Speak Freely Media, and a member of the board of directors of BAIDO, an association of San Francisco Bay Area international development organizations. Roz previously worked as program coordinator for the Sacred Land Film Project, and distribution coordinator of its PBS film In the Light of Reverence.

KIM KRONENBERG — Associate Producer

Kim is a health communications specialist and documentary film producer. Her film, Sight Unseen, examines hysterical blindness among Cambodian refugee torture survivors in the United States.

Intern Coordinator: Rachel Hunter Mehta
Web/Outreach Assistants: Sara Igl, Dermot Smyth
Editorial Consultants: Chi-Ho Lee, Bruce Petschek, Ann Carol Grossman
Editing Assistants: Monica Aldana and Meenakshi Chivukula
Research Assistants: Renee Amirault, Emily Browning, Angela Flignor, Melanie Giesen, Carrie Golden, Jessica Leving, Sarah Mink, Jenara Nerenberg, Allen Pinney, Andrea Rosas, Sarah Ryan, Alyson Sheppard, Jill Teitelman


Videographer: Bruce Petschek
Bruce is an accomplished cameraman and editor working on a remarkable range of public interest projects though his company, Seven Generations Video. He is the Director of Photography for The Banjo Project.

Additional Videography: Jesse Achtenberg, Roger Schmitz and Lynn Weissman


Interviewing survivor Richard Oketch on location in Minneapolis

Production Assistant: Alison Cupples

Web Designer: David Gerratt and Michael Snow
David owns DG Communications: “Promoting the good work of others by helping them look good.”

Graphic Artist: Nick Thorkelson
Nick, the creator of the illustrations on this site, is an illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist whose work has appeared in a wide variety of print and digital publications. Check out Thorkelson Graphics for more of his work.

Director, Fiscal Sponsor: Susi Walsh
Susi is the Director of our sponsoring organization, The Center for Independent Documentary, a 501(c)3 organization which collaborates with independent filmmakers, offering assistance and support in bringing their films to completion. All contributions made to The Refuge Media Project via CID are tax deductible. Donate now!

Special thanks to: John Scagliotti, Susi Walsh, and Joanne Wypijewski for a week of much-needed "radical relaxation" at The Kopkind Colony, host of the 2010 Kopkind/CID Film Camp, and for invaluable support and feedback from my fellow "campers," Jesse Achtenberg, Woody Bavota, Annie Berman, Gabriela Bohm, James Demo, Marcia Jarmel, Susie Rivo, Ken Schneider, and Andrea Torrice — plus Dave Hall, Cubby Hall, and Chris Dawes for making it all work.