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Academic Opportunities Related to Human Rights, Immigration, and Torture

The Refuge Media Project had the good fortune to attract a series of outstanding young interns and assistants. The project could not have been completed without them. It was clear that they came to us because of a sincere interest in the issues confronted by REFUGE, not just to fill a gap in their resumes, and most of them were looking for ways to continue pursuing these concerns in college or graduate school.

In response to their interest, which we think and hope is shared by thousands of young people across the country, we had added a section on “Academic Opportunities” to the REFUGE website. Unfortunately, we’re unable to continue to update the entries, but the list below should be mostly accurate up to at least 2015.

Harvard Law School Human Rights Program

The Harvard Law School Human Rights Program “seeks to give impetus and direction to international human rights work at Harvard Law School…the HRP fosters coursework and student participation in human rights activities through its summer fellowships, clinical work, speaker series, applied research, and scholarship. The HRP forges cooperative links with human rights organizations in this country and abroad…”
       The school ’s Program for Medical Professionals, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law is, among other issues, looking at the role of medical professionals in coercive interrogation.
       Harvard Law School's  International Human Rights Clinic was cited on our blog, Caring for Survivors of Torture, in a post on Psychologists and Torture when clinic participants called on Ohio’s Psychology Board to investigate the conduct of Larry C. James, who had been Chief Psychologist at the Guantánamo Bay Prison.

Contacts & Other Information: Follow these links for information on the HRP's Courses and Projects & Publications. Contacts are  Mindy Jane Roseman and Deoborah Popowski.

Human Rights Program:  Harvard Law School, Pound Hall 401
1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
(617-495-9362)  / 

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic is a collaborative project between Harvard Law School and Greater Boston Legal Services. It is directed by Clinical Professor Deborah Anker, and staffed by GBLS's Immigration Unit attorneys. HIRC “involves students in the direct representation of victims of human rights abuses in applying for U.S. refugee and related protections…Students have the experience of fully developing an asylum claim, often following the case from start to finish.” The Clinic’s Women Refugees Project “does groundbreaking work on women's international human rights and political asylum claims.”

Contact: (617-384-8165)  /

Human Rights Program, Trinity College

Trinity College, in Hartford, CT, says its Human Rights Program is the first at a liberal arts college in the United States: “The Program seeks to foster critical debate about human rights problems, inter-disciplinary dialogue, and conversations that bridge the divide between local and global human rights concerns.
       “Trinity’s Human Rights Program offers…a strong human rights curriculum, dynamic lecture and film series, summer internships at leading human rights organizations, access to human rights activists and experts, as well as the opportunity to cross disciplinary boundaries and research cutting-edge human rights issues.”
       The Program's Director is Sonia Cardenas, Associate Professor of Political Science. “Specializing in International Relations and Human Rights, her research explores the relationship between international norms and state practices around the world…Before joining Trinity, she was a post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and a visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame.”

Human Rights Program: Trinity College
70 Vernon Street, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 297-4193  /