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The Refuge Media Project

The Refuge Media Project is producing a video documentary on immigrant survivors of torture and war trauma who are now living in the United States. The program will focus especially on how the healthcare and social service needs of these survivors of political violence are — or in many cases are not — being met. It will be a call to action — a tool for educating, engaging, and motivating healthcare providers, students, organizers, and any groups serving immigrant communities. We hope it will be the first of several films on related topics. Visit our website for further information, and consider supporting our work through a tax-deductible DONATION.

Our website is growing all the time, with a wide range of information and resources for those working with people who have been tortured or abusedor those who just want to learn more about the impact of torture on individuals and society. See below for a quick guide to what’s available under the main tabs on our banner…

Our Projects

Refuge: Information about our film project, Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture, a documentary on the healthcare and social service needs of torture survivors in the United States, and on the clinicians and students who are working to meet those needs.

Project Updates: A blog-style narrative describing where we’ve been, who we’ve been talking to, and what we’ve found out on the way to completing our film.

Video Clips:  Short videos we’ve created from the wealth of material we have been collecting. Some of these will be part of the final film, some provide additional background, and some deal with other aspects of the movement to confront torture and its consequences

Other Projects:  There’s not much here yet, but it’s where we will have information about plans for future films and other projects.

On location in Atlanta: Roz Dzelzitis, Bruce Petschek, Ben Achtenberg


Who We Are

Staff:  The folks who are making this project a reality: Our Project Director, staff and volunteers, interns, and freelancers.

Advisors:  Representatives of many of the groups we are working with, and others, who are helping us to develop the Project’s message and approach, and ensure that our films communicate effectively.

Outreach Partners:  Organizations that will be working with us to develop and carry out outreach strategies enabling our films to reach the widest possible audiences.

Supporters:  The foundations and individuals who have provided financial and other support to make the project possible.


Working with Survivors:  A listing of treatment guides, screening instruments, asylum information, and other resources for healthcare, social service and legal services providers who work with torture survivors.

History & Documents:  Key historical and legal documents that frame our understanding of torture, political violence, asylum, human rights, and related issues.

Definitions:  Brief explanations of the legal status issues which affect how immigrants are treated and the services available to them.


In the News:  Brief commentary on events in the national and international news that affect immigrants and torture survivors, or help to illuminate the problems that face them.

Newsletter Archive:  Past issues of the Refuge Media Project Newsletter.


Organizations: Information on the groups featured in Refuge, plus other U.S. and international treatment centers, support and advocacy organizations, groups working on asylum issues, and many others.

Web Resources:  Websites offering quick access to information on immigration, human rights, torture, and related issues.

Publications:  Listings of publications available from concerned NGOs, plus trade books, journals, and more.

Visual Resources:  Information on a variety of DVDs and other materials from survivor treatment centers, plus other documentary and dramatic films, videos, online media, slide shows and PowerPoints, and other resources.

Image Gallery:  A growing section featuring works by photographers, painters, graphic artists, cartoonists, and others who are explorings issues of torture, oppression, and impunity through their work.

CONTACT US — How to contact The Refuge Media Project, join our mailing list, or become an outreach partner.