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Refuge Media Project

Who We Are…

For the past six or seven years, the primary goal of The Refuge Media Project has been the creation of a video documentary on immigrant survivors of torture, war, and ethnic conflict who are now living in the United States – along with the dedicated healthcare and social service professionals and volunteers who have created programs to meet their needs. That production, Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture, was completed in 2013, and is now available through our website.

The film is intended as a call to action — a tool for educating, engaging, and motivating healthcare providers, students, organizers, and any groups serving immigrant communities. Visit our website for further information, and consider supporting our work through a tax-deductible DONATION


Associate Producer Roz Dzelzitis, Cinematographer Bruce Petschek,
nd Producer/Director Ben Achtenberg, on location in Atlanta, Georgia

Why This Blog?

Our intention was to create a forum where physicians, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers, students, attorneys, advocates, community leaders — and survivors themselves — could discuss the problems they face, exchange stories, and develop new ideas and strategies for confronting torture and its impact. Though responses to the blog have been very supportive, the reality is that communication so far has mostly been one way. Now that the film is finished and being used around the country, we hope that that may change.

Are you a survivor of torture?

Are you an immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker or asylee; a person without legal status; or a U.S. citizen who is a survivor of torture? Have you had difficulty in gaining access to appropriate and compassionate medical treatment or social services, or experienced problems while receiving such care, either because of your status or for other reasons? Have you had difficulty in communicating with your care providers or other professionals? Have you ever even been asked about your experiences? We want to hear your stories…

Are you a professional, student, volunteer, or
community activist who works with survivors?

Tell us about your organization, and about the other organizations you collaborate with. Do you have immigrant patients, clients, or members who may be survivors of torture or war trauma? How is your work making an impact? What are the greatest challenges you face? What are you doing to get others involved? We want to hear your stories as well…The Refuge Media Project will be using this site to share information and resources that we hope will be of value to all of you. We welcome comments, suggestions and other contributions of all kinds. If you would be interested in posting to the blog, feel free to contact me by email:

This is a public forum!

Please keep in mind that this forum will potentially be accessible to anyone surfing the web. Do not include any personal information that would expose you or anyone else to hazards of any kind, or that you are not prepared to share with the general public.

A Few Other Rules for Commenting…

We welcome strong opinions and vigorous discussion, but we will do our best to make sure that the comments we publish are not unnecessarily offensive, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise harmful to a positive and mutually supportive conversation. We will be screening all comments. Please avoid personal abuse of any kind, including sexist, racist, obscene, defamatory, degrading or threatening language. You are responsible for the contents of your posts. Don’t post advertisements or funding solicitations, and don’t advocate illegal activity.