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Trump’s Border Wall Fantasy

2017 October 6
by Ben Achtenberg

Both Sides Now…
Artists protest Trump’s “Big Beautiful Wall”



So, what’s up with this border wall thing? Trump promised, right? And Mexico was going to pay for it? You probably haven’t heard much about the Mexico part of the deal lately.

Meantime, the President hasn’t been able to find time in his golf schedule to do anything about it, but it looks like Congress might be ready to step up to the plate. Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee pushed through a bill including $10 billion to build the wall, $5 billion to update border entry points, and give the Border Patrol and Customs & Border Protection an additional 5,000 agents.

The bill, if it passes, would also allocate $35 million to enable states to use Border Control “assets” for border security.

DemocWall-2rats have suggested that it might be a better (and way more humane) idea to use that money to help out the survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

This while Trump is promising to drastically slash taxes. Which vital domestic programs is he proposing to cut in order to free up money for his wall?

In the meantime, some folks on both sides of the border have picked up paint brushes and are using them to express their own feelings about all this. The first and third images  images aWall-1re from The Sun . The boy looking over the wall is from National Public Radio (credited to “JR”). There are many other examples of the creative work being done to mock or make light of Trump’s big beautiful wall. Check them out online, and take a look at some of the “solutions” that a group of architects have come up with. There’s an example below:



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