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Thinking the unthinkable…again

2017 May 17
by Ben Achtenberg

And with Trump, expect the worst…

In a recent post, I wrote about the case of a British submarine that launched a missile intended to land in the ocean off Africa. It headed for the coast of Florida instead. Fortunately, it was “only” a test missile, or you might not be reading this now. The incident barely made it into most U.S. newspapers, and the British press pretty much treated it as a joke. It was, nonetheless, a scary reminder that policies of “mutually assured destruction” only guarPuTrumpantee that the “other side” will suffer just as much as we do from a nuclear miscalculation

It was a reminder of how much we all have at stake.

Author Tony Schwartz has expressed “deep remorse” over having helped to write Donald Trump’s “autobiography,” The Art of the Deal. He says it should have been titled The Sociopath. Since I’d been referring to Trump as a psychopath, I thought I needed to look up the difference between the two – turns out there’s not all that much difference, so whatever…

The bottom line is – as one might guess – that we should expect Trump to act in the future pretty much as he has behaved in the past, with the same lack of insight, understanding, honesty, compassion, responsibility, consistency…to mention just a few of the qualities Trump doesn’t display.

Now we havputin-trumpe to add basic common sense and discretion to that list, after learning that the President – in a meeting from which the U.S. press had been excluded, and no U.S. transcript was made, essentially handed over sensitive intelligence information to the Soviet Union. (And, as I’m writing this, I hear on the radio that Vladimir Putin is offering to hand over transcripts of that meeting to us. Evidently we’re expected to trust the USSR more than Trump.

We are terrifyingly dependent on the competence and character of our national leaders, especially those who are walking around with the codes that could launch a nuclear war. The arrogant and unpredictable men who now head the world’s two dominant nuclear powers don’t meet that standard.


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