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Refugees Welcome Here

2017 March 14

ChiefFinding ways to
express our support…

For a couple of months now, my wife and I have have had yard signs out in front of our house expressing support for immigrants, and for Black Lives Matter. The first sign below was one we had seen all over our son’s neighborhood in Washington, DC, but we hadn’t seen them in Boston yet, so I went looking for a source.

When I mentioned this at a neighborhood meeting to view the recent ACLU “Trump Resistance Training,” a number of people expressed interest in doing the same. So I volunteered to pull together some information on how to get yard signs and posters relating to the refugee crisis. Here’s some of what I found:

WelcomeHerePostWe’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor

This design was created by Immanuel Mennonite Church, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. You can download the 18 X 24 inch poster, free, from Welcome Your Neighbors. If you don’t have access to a large-format color printer, Staples and similar places can do these (not cheap). Better yet, you may know someone who can do it at their office or institution. Worst case, print it in whatever size and color your printer can manage. NOTE: The poster as shown here is in Spanish, English, and Arabic. It is also available with the English center panel, plus a wide range of other languages in the top & bottom panels. You can also order the poster as a weatherproof yard sign with metal stand and it’s even available on T-shirts.

Refugees Are Welcome Here…RefugeesPoster
Everyone is Welcome Here

These posters were created by Jewish Voice for Peace and are also available from JVP for free download.

The back story on this poster is kind of interesting: The poster image at right, by graphic artist Micah Bazant, was based on a UNHCR photo of refugees in a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq, in 2014. The subjects are identified in the photo as “Esam, 34, and his infant son, Rawan.” A poster by Bazant with the message “Everyone is Welcome Here” and a female image is also available from Bazant’s website.

Please RefOriginalNote: The artist is generously making both of these images available to anyone, at no cost, for non-commercial use. He asks that if you or your organization want to print a Everyonelarge number and/or use the image to raise money or for other commercial purposes, you contact him for permission.

I don’t have anything else helpful to say, but thought I would include a few images I came across from another country dealing with similar issues, Australia, whose policies are, if anything, harsher than our own. I guess, if nothing else, oppression can produce good graphics.

The “No Way” poster on the left below, in case it’s not clear, is an anti-immigrant poster issued by the Australian government, which is arguably even more anti-immigrant than our own. The “Welcome” poster beside it is a response. In case the print below is to small to read, the banner at the bottom reads, “The current Australian Government does not speak for all of its citizens.”

NoWay aussie-2

Aussie-1 aussie-2
Some Organizations Focused on

Immigration & the Rights of Immigrants

For Immigrants/Refugees in the United States:

ACLU Immigrant Rights Information


Islamic Relief USA

National Immigration Law Center

Embrace Refugees

Working Internationally or Primarily Outside the U.S.

Doctors Without Borders

Refugees International

UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency)

World Relief



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