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Video Game Goes Inside Guantanamo

2013 September 16
by Ben Achtenberg

gametanamoPlayers of Gitmo Game
Take Role of Torturer

I’m not into video games, so tend not to pay much (or any) attention to developments in that area. However, one of my recent searches for new developments in the world of torture prevention and treatment popped up a headline I couldn’t NOT check out: “Realistic game,” it said: “gets you right inside Gitmo to torture prisoners.”

According to a comment by Jesus Diaz on the gamer site Kotaku, “Tom Clancy’s new Splinter Cell: Blacklisttakes players right into Guantanamo Bay prison camp to torture an inmate – and then lets them ‘decide to spare or kill their interrogated target’.”

spareorkillReading on, in the original post/review by the site’s editor, Stephen Totilo, it appears that the game player him or herself doesn’t actually get to carry out the torture – or even decide whether it will happen – but they do get to watch the hero (presumably representing the player) do so. They also get to make the “spare or kill” decision.

I was glad to see that Totilo’s take on the game was fairly critical. I won’t go on, but check it out if you’re concerned about what your kids (or friends) may be doing on their computers late at night.



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