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Bain Capital Tied to Death Squads

2012 October 31

Romney’s Bain Capital Reportedly
Tied to Salvadoran Death Squads

A recent article on Huffington Post reports that the founding investors in Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital (principle source of his current wealth) included families and individuals tied to the death squads responsible for murdering tens of thousands – most of them indigenous reformers and activists – during El Salvador’s bloody civil war. The piece is based on original reporting by the Los Angeles Times, and several other sources including former Ambassador to El Salvador Robert White. Amy Goodman interviewed the article’s author, Ryan Grim, Huffington Post’s DC bureau chief, on Democracy Now. According to Grim, “There’s no possible way that anybody in 1984 could check out these families — which is the term that they (Romney’s campaign) use, ‘these families’ — and come away convinced that this money was clean.” It’s just six days till the election, folks…

“Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing new scrutiny over revelations he founded the private equity firm Bain Capital with investments from Central American elites linked to death squads in El Salvador. After initially struggling to find investors, Romney traveled to Miami in 1983 to win pledges of $9 million, 40 percent of Bain’s start-up money. Some investors had extensive ties to the death squads responsible for the vast majority of the tens of thousands of deaths in El Salvador during the 1980s.”
                                                      — Democracy Now

The first image (above left) is by Mark Vallen. See his discussion of its background on the Refuge Media Project website.



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