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Refuge Media Project Update

2012 April 23

An update on our documentary film:
Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture

Apologies to our regular readers (I know that there are at least a few.) I haven’t been able to post as regularly as usual for the past couple of months, but mostly for a good reason: As many readers know, this blog is an offshoot of The Refuge Media Project, whose primary purpose is the creation of a video documentary on immigrant survivors of torture living in the United States, and on the terrific programs around the country that are helping them to recover and create productive new lives here. It’s been the most challenging – but also most rewarding – project I’ve been involved in for a long time.
            In the middle of working on the film, I decided to retire from Fanlight Productions, the educational film distribution company I owned and operated for more than 30 years – a process that took over a year, but ultimately freed me to work more intensively on Refuge: Caring for Surivors of Torture. (Note: Fanlight Productions is now a part of Icarus Films, which will continue to distribute the almost 500 docs in the Fanlight collection.)
            Refuge was filmed in collaboration with torture treatment and rehabilitation programs in the Boston area, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. After at least a year and a half of editing, the shape of the film is finally coming into focus, and I’ve been putting intensive effort into getting it ready to be shown to the Project’s advisors and consultants, friends, colleagues, and test audiences including survivors and folks who work with them. With their guidance and support – and a bit of luck – it will be ready for distribution this coming fall. Watch for more details here and on the project website, and please contact me for information about screenings and/or about obtaining copies of the film when it’s completed.



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