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Resources 1-10-2011

2011 January 10

Preventing Torture Within
the Fight Against Terrorism

The so-called “war on terrorism” has seen democratic governments resort to torture and ill treatment of persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and has reignited the age-old debate about whether torture can be justified if the purpose is to save innocent lives…Prominent opinion and decision-makers…have argued that new forms of transnational terrorism necessitate a revision of existing legal and moral norms related to torture and ill treatment.

Preventing Torture Within the Fight Against Terrorism, a project of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT), aims “to re-establish international respect for the absolute prohibition against torture and ill treatment embedded in international law.” Subscriptions and back issues of the project’s bi-monthly newsletter are available online

Cross-Cultural Communications: The Voice of Love Project

Cross-Cultural Communications describes itself as “the only national training agency in the U.S. devoted to community interpreting and cultural competence.” The group “provides training, technical assistance, writing and consulting services to agencies and individuals that serve linguistic and cultural minorities. CCC helps organizations and interpreters across the U.S. and Canada enhance their services to immigrants and refugees.”
            The Voice of Love Project: The D.C. and Maryland-based survivor treatment program Advocates for  Survivors of Torture and Trauma is working with Cross-Cultural Communications to develop training guides and a three-day training program for interpreters interested in working with survivors of torture, trauma and sexual violence. All materials developed will be available at no cost to agencies supporting survivors of torture and trauma, and the guides will be available online.
            The more than 100 volunteers participants include community and medical interpreters,  refugee resettlement staff, therapists and clinicians, and many others. The Project notes that “volunteers from outside the U.S. are welcome to join the project, since to our best knowledge, no project similar to this one yet exists anywhere in the world.

Finding Internships / Finding Interns

The Refuge Media Project has had great success in finding interns to work with us through the website  They do great work, and they would still be my first recommendation to anyone looking for an internship or job in human rights or human services – or to organizations looking for motivated and talented young people.
            Intern Alert says “We search and scrape the internet 24/7 to provide the newest internship listings and tips for helping you find more internships in less time.” It’s a new one to me, and does not specialize in human rights, but appears to have quite a few listings with groups such as Amnesty International, the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, Health Right International, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and related groups.
…..PLEASE NOTE: We would be very interested in getting comments from people who have successfully used either of these sites (or can recommend others.)


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